Our services


We have been providing home owners with expert advice on which solution will best suit their needs for years. By asking the right questions we can provide a tailored system. We also pride ourselves on our reliable service and frequent referrals is a testament to our workmanship. 


We understand that businesses want fast and cost effective heating and cooling systems. We can quote independently or work together with builders to provide the most efficient heating and cooling solutions. We are reliable and understand the importance of meeting deadlines and working with other trades to keep jobs on track. 

Service & Repairs

Ongoing service of air conditioning and heating units is essential to maintain optimum performance and reduce the risk of break downs which can often be expensive to fix. Our service team are friendly and reliable where each service consists of a thorough analysis of the air conditioning system. Any issues are identified and advice provided on a solution.

Operating systems

Split Systems

Split Systems are the most popular type of air conditioning unit. The wall mounted unit efficiently cools or heats with the added benefit of filtering the air via the built in filter panels. Split Systems are an energy efficient solution that are cost effective to install and operate. 

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas Ducted Heating can heat the entire house achieving warmth and comfort in every room. Ducted Heating can also be zoned so that areas of the house that are not in use can be closed off reducing running costs.

Evaporative Cooling

Enjoy open door living with the cool flowing air of an Evaporative Cooler. This cooling solution allows you to keep windows and doors open to assist with the cool air flowing through the home.

Add-on Cooling

An Add-On Cooling system works with the Ducted Heating system providing a complete climate solution. Using the same fan and ductwork as the Ducted Heater the Add-On Cooling unit provides cool, filtered and refrigerated air to each room. You can install the Add-On Cooling unit at the same time as the Ducted Heater or at a later date.

Ducted Refrigeration

Ducted Air Conditioning is the ultimate in comfort allowing you to heat or cool the entire house with just one system. Conveniently concealed in the roof cavity with outlets that can be positioned in the wall, floor or ceiling. The system is operated through a wall mounted controller and provides quiet and efficient heating and cooling that is easy to maintain and can be zoned to close of areas of the house.